Schools Ethos

Tucked away on Grafton Road our school was built in the 1880s.  The foundations of the school were laid in 1883 and the school opened its doors in 1884 with three large departments for infants, boys and girls. In total there were nearly 1800 children! This is very different in comparison to today where we have an average 400 pupils.

Originally the school was named Carlton Road School, because it was situated on what was then called Carlton Road. Early in the 1890’s the road was renamed to Grafton Road, but the school kept the name ‘Carlton’.

Up until 1886 the school building housed separate infant and junior schools, but in April 1886 the two schools merged to form Carlton Primary School.

Over the years the school has been modernised and is now very different in some places. For example, three mezzanines have been built, the front school office refurbished, and the Carlton Community Learning Centre (CCLC) built. However, throughout all of this change and modernisation the school has maintained its historical appearance and character.

Inside the school however, the school is up-to-date and successfully delivers a 21st century curriculum.

In January 2008 our school and the local community celebrated Foundation Day and in February 2009, the community celebrated Carlton’s 125th birthday!

Carlton School Today

Our school is a two form entry school – this means that there two classes in each year group (from Reception to Year 6).

Each class has capacity for 30 children and our Nursery offers 52 full-time places.

Each class is named after a precious gemstone – for instance ‘Amethyst class’. Here is a list of the classes and their gemstone names:

Key Stages

The whole school is organised into three Key Stages: Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

Each class is taught by a qualified teacher (there are 2 in the nursery) and supported by a team of dedicated teaching assistants.

EYFS is a key stage that includes of the nursery and reception classes. This section of the school caters for children from the ages of three to five. The names of the reception classes are Pearls and Rubies. The EYFS classes are situated on the ground floor with access to the outdoor learning space.

Key Stage 1 is made up of Year 1 and 2.

Year 1 children are aged between 5 and 6 years old, their classes are called Gold and Silver. Year 1 can be found on the first floor.

Year 2 children are aged between 6 and 7 years old. Their classes are named Moonstone and Emerald. Year 2 can be found on the top floor.

Key Stage 2 includes Year 3, 4, 5 & 6.

Year 3 is for 7-8 year olds, their classes are called Amber and Tigerstone and the classrooms are situated on the first floor.

Year 4 is 8 -9 year olds, their classes are called Opal and Topaz and the classrooms can be found on the top floor.

Year 5 is for 9 – 10, their classes are called Amethyst and Crystal and the classrooms can be found on the top floor.

Year 6 for 10 -11 year olds, their classes are called Sapphire and Jade and the classrooms can be found on the top floor.

Year Class Name
Reception Ruby


Year 1 Gold


Year 2 Moonstone


Year 3 Tigerstone


Year 4 Topaz


Year 5 Crystal


Year 6 Jade