Monday: 12.20 Years 5-6 Music assembly
1.15 Years 2-4  SEAL and Rights Respecting assembly
Tuesday: 12.20 Years 5-6 SEAL and Rights Respecting assembly
1.20  Years 2-4  Music assembly
Wednesday: 12.20 Years 5-6 R.E. and British Values assembly
1.20 Years 2-4 R.E. and British Values assembly
Thursday: 1.20 Years 2-4  Golden Learners assembly
Friday: 12.20 Years 5-6 Celebration assembly

At Carlton, assemblies/collective worship are seen as an opportunity to come together to celebrate, reflect and to consider social and moral issues. This time is also used an an opportunity for pupils to develop their oracy skills.

Throughout the week, the assemblies have a planned focus.

SEAL and Rights Respecting Assembly

Our assemblies are dedicated to embedding the SEAL themes (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) and discussing the Rights Respecting article of the week, as Carlton is a Rights Respecting School.

R.E. and British Values:

On Wednesdays, we have a Religious Education focus whilst also covering the Rights Respecting articles and embedding British Values.

Golden Learners and Celebration:

Our Thursday and Friday assemblies are dedicated to the embedding of our Building Learning Power principles and celebrating our pupils’ hard work and achievements.

There are also music and poetry performances and special assemblies to which the parents and carers are invited. Please see parent/school calendar for specific dates.