In the BLP framework there are 17 learning capacities that are grouped into learning dispositions. Each group of dispositions is represented by an animal image.

Resilience – This includes perseverance, absorption, managing distraction and noticing. At Carlton it is represented by the Wolf.

Resourcefulness – This R focusses on making connections. Imagining, reasoning and capitalising. It is represented by the Spider.

Reciprocity – This R includes collaboration, interdependence, imitation, listening and empathy. It is represented by Meerkat.

Reflection – This includes distilling, revising and fluency. It is represented by Owl.

At Carlton these 4 Rs / capacities are not taught in isolation. They are referred to throughout the lesson. Children’s attention is directed to effective examples by the other children in using these capacities so that they can develop their own skill set, It is normal practice to see capacities referred to when sharing learning intentions with the children.