Carlton Crunchies

Carlton Crunchies Tuck Shop was founded to help Carlton become a healthier school. We wanted to make children aware that eating healthy snacks is yummy too, instead of eating unhealthy snacks.

The first group of children that came up with the idea of Carlton Crunchies Tuck Shop were children from our School Council. They created a survey to find out what type of snacks the children and adults wanted to eat. They then also did further research on how to set up a business.

When Carlton Crunchies first started we sold products such as apple crisps, garlic sticks and plain popcorn. It has been a great success, to the point where we now run a popular delivery service for staff inside the school and we offer the staff a 10% discount.

Since opening our Edible Garden at Carlton, we are now also able to sell fresh fruit and vegetables which have been grown there.