Extended Provision

The Early Bird Club (our breakfast club)

Our Early Bird Breakfast Club runs daily in the CCLC from 7.45am to 8.45am for children from Reception to Year 6. The aim of the club is to give the children a healthy start to the day and follows the principles of the Enhanced Healthy School. The children also have the opportunity to play structured games before they go to the classroom. There is a wide selection of fruit, cereal, toast, bagels and fresh juice or water available for children.

Please visit the school office if you would like to register and enquire if there are spaces available. The office will provide you with a form that will need to be completed and returned to the school office.

Please refer to the Charging-Policy for the cost of attending The Early Bird Club.

After School Clubs : Carlton Primary recognises the importance of linking with other agencies to extend learning beyond the classroom. Therefore, the school strives to provide a rich mix of after school clubs. The type of clubs may change form term to term -depending on what resources are available and interests of the children. Some clubs happen annually- football, netball and other Camden lead sports clubs.   A breakdown of clubs is provided for parents and carers who can express an interest for their child to attend. The school may also target children for specific reason (i.e. a particular aptitude). Since certain clubs are very popular, we ask that all parents and carers ensure that if their child is given a place then they turn up each week. We also ask that you are on time to collect your child.

Cost of the clubs: At the end of a term, letters are given to children for parents to complete and return to the school office, providing details of what clubs are available and cost. Clubs vary per term, so there is always an opportunity for new experiences for children. If a child has been offered, the parent will receive a text message to notify them that the place has been reserved until the deadline set out on the letter. Some of our after school clubs at Carlton are funded by the school, others may have a cost. This is dependent on the number of weeks the club will run and the financial circumstances of the parent. More information can be provided from the school office.

After school Club Provision Spring 2020

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Music Year 1 & 2 finish time 4:15pm Music- finish time 4.20pm Year 3 & 4

Running Club Y3-Y6

finish time 4:15pm

Arsenal Double Club Year 4-6

finish time 4:15pm

Swimming Year 5-6 finish time 4:45pm
Online Homework Club For Year 1-6 finish time 4:15pm Netball/Football  finish time 5pm Year 5 & 6

Art Club-School project

finish time 4:15pm

Science  Year 1 -3 finish time 4:15pm

Karate Year 4-6

finish time 4:15pm

Drama 3:30pm-4:15pm Y2-6

Reach Out Y5-6

finish time 5:15pm

Sports  Year R-Y2 finish time 4:15pm
Music- 3.30-4.20pm Year 3 & 4

Talacre Playcentre

The school also has close links with Talacre Playcentre. If you wish for your child (from age 5 – 12) to attend this after school provision, then please call 0207 267 9755 to arrange a place.

All children that attend Talacre Playcentre are collected at the end of the school day from the Middle Hall. They then walk to the Playcentre where they must be collected by 6pm.

Talacre Playcentre address: Wilkin Street, Kentish Town, London NW5 3AG.