Resources and FAQs

The school policy for all visitors coming to the school is to report directly to the office. Unauthorised access to the school is not permitted.  All visitors will be required to produce identification; otherwise they will be escorted off the premises.

We request that parents and carers do not allow visitors into the school whilst they are entering or leaving or leave the school gate open. Only the school office is permitted to allow visitors access to the school.

The general rule is that mobile phones are not permitted in school. However if for any reason you need to give your child a phone it must be agreed with the head teacher first and only for year 6 children.

If a phone is brought into school, then it must be turned off and left and the office. It can be collected at the end of the day.

If any children are found with mobiles without permission, then they will be taken from the child and will have to be collected by a parent.

The school is not responsible for any phone not handed into the office.

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