Fun Home Learning Activities

Dear Parents/Carers,

Here is a list of activities to keep pupils of all ages educated and busy, away from a phone/tablet/computer. There are links below for a range of activity ideas.



  • Writing Prompts-this website lists over 300 creative (independent) writing prompts that children could use to write their own story/letter/report.
  • Twinklthere are hundreds of writing resources that can be printed/used on this website. At this time, using a valid email, parents can sign up for 1 month free use of this website. It has a wide range of downloadable materials, power-point quizzes, and practice tests. Use code: UKTWINKLHELPS with this website: 
  • Sport Based-have your child research and write a report about their favourite athlete or team, or they even could design their own indoor workout.
  • Science/Geography/History Based-writing a report about interesting animals, countries of the world, time period of history, etc…opening up for children to follow and learn about an area of interest.
  • LitFilmFest-they have put together some writing challenges for children during this period of school closure.
  • Daily Diary-writing a daily diary of children’s time off of school, their reflections about what they are doing, hearing, experiencing.



  • Cookinghelping to follow recipes and measuring ingredients is a great way to improve maths skills. Here are some websites with easy recipes for children

  • Card Gamesit’s amazing what you can do with a deck of cards. Here are some links for family friendly games.



  • Home Science Experiments-here are some links to bring out the young scientist in all of us, using things that might be laying around the house.



  • Make a Workout Videolinked to a writing idea above. Plan a workout, record it on your phone/tablet then get the whole family to join in. Here is a link to an example on Youtube:
  • GoNoodle-lots of fun exercises for children to do at home to keep fit.
  • 5-a-day-more fun workouts for children. Currently with a 14 day free trial.
  • JumpstartJonnywebsite with fun workouts for children, free resources


Arts and Crafts: