Google Classroom

Children from Reception to Year 6 are to log in to Google Classroom each day by 9am. Please see the tabs below for logging in information, guidelines and

Guidelines for Home Learning using Google Classroom

  • To access Google Classroom from home, pupils need to use their USO [something like tglover1.202] but they must also add the domain:
  • They should go to any Google homepage and click the blue ‘sign in’ box.
  • Then they will type in something like
  • The first time you login, you will need to enter the USO again on the next screen.
  • They then use their password – the one they use to log onto the Chromebooks in school.
  • Please note: you cannot access Google Classroom with a normal Google login
  • Click on the 9 squares icon to get the list of available apps – Google Classroom should be one of them.
  • If you have problems logging in, please email Ted:

Please see the document below for visual instructions on how to access Google Classroom.

How to access google classroom

  • Teachers may set tasks as documents, that you can type onto and edit, like when we publish work in school.
  • They may also post resources for pupils to read and look at.
  • Teachers might post links to other websites that they wish pupils to use
  • Pupils may also be asked to comment on a post, answer a question, or make suggestions.
  • Pupils may also be asked to take photos of their learning and post these onto Google Classroom
  • When using Google Classroom, your teacher may let pupils comment, or they may have turned comments off.
  • If you are allowed to comment you must remember our learning on online behaviour – you are polite and positive and comments should be related to your learning.
  • Remember – teachers can see exactly who posts what on Google Classroom.
  • If your teacher wants you to create a post, for example taking a picture of your Home Learning Project, they will enable you to create posts for that time.
  • If you are posting photos, please remember to do so safely – try to make sure your photo is of the learning, not the pupil.

Video calls on Google Meet

● Video calls and conversations will be on Google Meet. The teacher will let children know the time and day of the meeting and will post a link just before so children can join.

● When we use Meet, a parent or carer must start the call by giving permission for you to take part.

● The child must ALWAYS be in a room with other people during the Meet.

● Everyone should be suitably dressed, speak politely and in the same way that you would in school, and be in a suitable room in your house (not the bedroom) with an appropriate plain background.

● Always remember that other people could see what you share on line