IXL Homework

Due by IXL Item
13th September Y1 Maths: a1 and A3. Y2: A1 and A4. Y1 English: A2 and A3. Y2: E1 and E2
20th September Y1 Maths: B1 and B7. Y2: A5 and A6. Y1 English: H1 and H2. Y2: E3 and E4.
Due By IXL Item
20th September Y3 Maths: L1 and L4. Y4 Maths: B1 and B2. Y4 English: B1 and B2. Y4 English: B1 and B2.
Due by IXL Item
13th September


Maths: Skills A5/A6/A7 (A1-A4 if time). English: G1/G2/G3 (conjunctions)


What type of sentence: Statement, Question, Command or Exclamation? Year 5: A1 and Year 6: A1

Reading: Begin to use Read Theory and ensure you have a home reading book

Home Learning: Choose what project you will begin wit

20th September


Maths: Year 6 A3/4/5 (place value/ordering) Year 6 A6 (Roman numerals) English: Year 6: I2 (Compound/Complex sentences I3 (Capitalisation) C1/2/3 (Pronouns)

Optional: Begin to work on all Maths/English skills from Year 5 section to ensure the base skills are there.