Our Anti Racist Curriculum

We have always tried hard at Carlton to tackle racism. Our PSHE curriculum, assemblies and Anti-bullying Week all help the pupils to understand that racism is wrong and is not tolerated in our school.
What we have been trying to do this year is to take the next step. We want to move from being a non-racist school to be an Anti-racist school.
This means we will be helping the children learn about how racism has impacted the history of our country and continues to create inequalities to this day.​

We have made adjustments to our curriculum to both celebrate people of colour throughout history that may previously have been overlooked, and address acts of historical racism.

By the time children leave our school, we aim

  • That children understand and celebrate diversity and difference
  • That children understand that inequality exists
  • That children develop a desire for change and action
  • That children understand what it means to be ‘anti-racist’ rather than ‘non-racist’
  • That children develop an understanding of the history of racism
  • That children develop a knowledge and appreciation of often overlooked people of colour

We hope you will join us on our journey to make Carlton an anti-racist school!