Parent Survey

Parent Survey 2019


This year we had 50 responses, from 50 different families.  This represents 92 children in the school (31%). Thank you for taking the time to respond, we really appreciate it.

The responses were overwhelmingly positive and we are very pleased that 98% of respondents would recommend Carlton Primary School to another parent.

Strongly agree or agree Disagree Unsure
My child is happy at school. 49/50  –  98% 1/50  –  2% 0
My child feels safe at school. 49/50   –  98% 1/50  – 2% 0
I know how my child is doing in school. 49/50   –  98% 0 1/50  –   2%
My child is learning well and making good progress. 49/50  –  98% 0 1/50  –  2%
Teachers treat my child respectfully and fairly. 47/50   –  94% 2/50 –  4% 1/50   – 2%
The school encourages my child to learn at home. 47/50   – 94% 2/50  – 4% 1/50  –  2%
The school makes sure the pupils are well behaved. 47/50  – 94% 2/50  – 4% 1/50  –  2%
The school deals effectively with bullying. 44/50   – 88% 3/50  – 6% 3/50  – 6%
The school is a welcoming and pleasant place to visit. 49/50   –  98% 2/50 –  4% 0
The school environment helps my child to learn (e.g. classrooms, outdoor areas, garden). 49/50   –  98% 1/50  – 2% 0
Carlton supports my child/children to have high aspirations and prepare for their future. 47/50  – 94% 3/50 –  6% 0
The school communicates effectively with me. 48/50  – 96% 2/50  – 4% 0
I would recommend Carlton to other parents 49/50   –  98% 1/50  – 2% 0


As part of the survey, we asked you to share your positive views about the school – we have included some of them below:

  • Carlton primary is a great school
  • Communication with parents regarding children’s education and behaviour is excellent.
  • Teachers are very helpful 😊
  • I am happy with how the school treats my children
  • Great transitioning for Nursery starters.
  • Teachers and staff are very friendly and approachable.
  • I find Carlton Primary School to have a safe and friendly atmosphere where my daughter is happy to learn and grow in a gentle manner.
  • Carlton provides a stable environment with good principles for children
  • With the school’s help, my child has made good progress.
  • Carlton primary is a delightful, engaging and happy school. It embraces multiculturalism with keen interest and respect. My daughters have had a wonderful experience at Carlton Primary.
  • Carlton ensures a safe and positive learning environment for all children.
  • Carlton school has been a friendly, positive and nurturing place to learn in every year group, with dedicated staff and a place where firm friendships have been made, my daughter has truly flourished.
  • Carlton school has a good range of after school clubs that my son enjoys.
  • Carlton is a good standard school I have 3 children who are attending at the moment no 4 will join in January my kids are happy at Carlton so are we.
  • If your child is vulnerable or needs any form of special consideration or emotional support Carlton is an excellent place to be.
  • As a parent, it is always a great feeling knowing that my child loves school and his teachers. He always tells us about the fun activities they took part in during the day, and how he had talked about his interests to his teacher, I think the atmosphere in Carlton is exceptional and OFSTED ratings are Very positive in my opinion-a wonderful school to send your children.
  • I am really happy at Carlton it’s a good school that caters to all communities
  • I like how children are encouraged to be leaders and helping others


As part of the survey, we asked how the accessibility of the school could be improved. The responses included disabled access and a stair lift.

We have taken these comments into consideration whilst reviewing the accessibility plan. Please visit our website or ask at the office if you would like a copy.


We also asked you to share your thoughts on how we could do things better, the main trends are below and we have included the school’s responses and actions.

PARENT/CARER COMMENT: Parent events and meetings could be arranged later in the day for working parents. Also for other events, more notice would be good so that working parents can take time off work to participate

We recognise that it is not easy for all parents to attend events during the school day or right afterschool. When planning events, we do give great thought to the most appropriate time. If for any reason you would prefer a later parent meeting time (or alternatively, one before school) please just let your child’s class teacher know or a member of the admin team. All teachers will be flexible in arranging to see parents.

While for some events it is impossible to hold later in the day, we do ensure things like our termly music recitals begin at 5:30pm to allow more parents to attend. We try to give families a good deal of advance notice of events through our newsletters, website and twitter feeds.

We have encouraged parents to sign up to Parent Hub, which is an excellent way to share information – if you haven’t yet signed up, please ask a member of the admin team.

PARENT/CARER COMMENT: Making online payments available for food and after-school clubs would be helpful
WHAT WE ARE DOING: We have in the past considered this approach but the issue is that we didn’t have enough parents who would use the system. However, we are really happy to canvass parents again.


PARENT/CARER COMMENT: It would be good if parents (and the wider school community) were informed more about the smaller focused trips children attend in addition to class trips.
WHAT WE ARE DOING: Across the year, in particular, in Key Stage 2, there are at times smaller focused trips for groups of students-this could be sport, academic or aspirational/careers linked. We aim to give at least 3 weeks’ notice before any child is selected to attend a trip, and have been working hard to share what they are doing via the website and our twitter feed.
PARENT/CARER COMMENT: I’ve always been worried about the amount of parents who drive to school to collect/drop off their children, who leave their engines running and parked in the middle of the road and blocking emergency exits
WHAT WE ARE DOING: We have noticed this is becoming more of a concern across the year at times. Jacquie and Georgina are usually at the gate each morning, so will be able to more readily speak to parents who are not following the signposted rules. While we are lucky not to face the extreme congestion other schools face, it is paramount that the children can safely access the school site each morning. It will also be mentioned in future newsletters.
PARENT/CARER COMMENT: It would be great to have more clubs for reception
WHAT WE ARE DOING: We have set the clubs for the autumn term, but will certainly give it some consideration for the summer term when the children are older and getting ready to transition into year 1.
PARENT/CARER COMMENT: It would be good if more parents and families would volunteer in different roles around the school. This would help improve the community. (1 family’s response)
WHAT WE ARE DOING: We feel the same, parents are always welcome to attend school trips with their children and we do encourage parents to come visit classroom learning if the arrangements are planned ahead of time. Also, our Parents@Carlton group always is looking for volunteers to help run events at school, including our Summer Fair coming up in June. Please contact our Family Support Worker, Tracey, to become more involved.
PARENT/CARER COMMENT: I’d like to attend more events at Carlton, but at times am unable to, due to being notified at short notice. Advanced notice would be great, so parents could be more involved. (1 family’s response)
WHAT WE ARE DOING: This is an area that we review continuously. Our school calendar and events are updated frequently on the school website and blog, while we try our best to text, email and telephone parents when events are taking place (including now on our new Twitter account! If you have any specific concerns, please raise them with the office and someone will contact you to discuss. We are also in the process of setting up PARENT HUB, which will allow parents to stay up to date with school events. If you haven’t signed up, please ask at the office.
PARENT/CARER COMMENT: I would suggest that extra portions of school dinners be available for children that are still hungry. Sometimes the initial portions are not big enough. (2 family’s responses)
WHAT WE ARE DOING: While we can understand the concern (and this was raised via our school council as well), the Caterlink Team also need to ensure that there is enough food for ALL of the children, and additionally, limited food wastage. Caterlink are very happy to meet with parents to hear their views. Just ask at the office for an appointment.
PARENT/CARER COMMENT: The playground should be made available for use in the morning, instead of just waiting for the doors to open. (1 family’s response)
WHAT WE ARE DOING: While we would like to open up all areas of the playground in the morning, we do need to ensure that children are supervised and safe. Currently, we do not have the capacity for morning use of the apparatus, although it will remain open as normal afterschool for use (under parent supervision). The KS2 playground (during the morning) is in use for our breakfast club, and we cannot have other adults in the area for safeguarding reasons.

Upcoming Events

  1. Last day of term – 1pm finish

    July 21 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
  2. Summer holiday

    July 22 - September 1
  3. Inset day, school closed.

    September 2
  4. Start of autumn term. children return to school.

    September 3 @ 8:45 am
  5. Autumn half term

    October 26 - October 30