Parent workshops

All workshops for Parents and Carers are held in the Carlton Community Learning Centre (CCLC) which was officially opened by Michael Palin in January 2007.

The CCLC is run as part of the school for families to join in activities with their children as well as programmes and workshops for Parents and Carers to attend. At the early stages of the CCLC we worked in partnership with ACL and City Lit College, we ran Family Learning sessions for our Early Years children and families. We now have the resources to run these sessions independently and offer them to the families of Carlton as well as neighbouring schools.

Jewellery Making, Sewing Classes, Arts and Crafts, Mosaic Tiling, Story Sacks and Props to use in the classrooms as a resource, Cooking, Coffee Mornings, as well as a place for information. Parents are invited to attend information sessions such as:Basic Skills, Numeracy and Literacy related to their child’s year group, Primary and Secondary Transfers as well as Parenting Programmes supporting home life. We also host a weekly coffee morning and hold ESOL classes.

CCLC Events

Every Tuesday from 9am Year 5 Parent workshops: Help your child prepare for SATS and transitioning into year 6.
Every Wednesday 9am-11am WMC ESOL Class TEP – Talking English Programme

To subscribe please talk to Tracey as soon as possible, as spaces are limited. We look forward to seeing you enrol!