Queens Crescent pop-up event on the 21st of December.

Thought it would be helpful to provide some information about the Queens Crescent pop-up event on the 21st of December. Refill station Camden is a new unpackaged stall helping to reduce unnecessary waste, we are trying to kick-start doing things differently for our future. 
We are looking for anyone that has a new craft or art to sell, as long as its sustainably made and meets the theme of the market to raise awareness about.  Contact events@camden.gov.uk/
We are very excited about the eco-festive pop-up. We will have a number of craft stalls and workshops during the day and be carrying out a bulb planting and litter pick session. We welcome any festive entertainers to engage with us or can set up an earlier 2 hour workshop to make newspaper bags from old newspapers. Any school children out and about will need to be supervised by the school under their safety management and coordination, we can provide refreshments.  The time for volunteer support will be 11-2pm. We will set up a pre-meeting at Queens Crescent library before the 21st.
In the future we have Fair-well who are visiting some school entrances with their Refill Stall hello@fair-well.co.uk www.fair-well.co.uk
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Kind Regards
Linda Hall-Brunton