Supporting your child’s well being

Top Tips for Supporting and Reassuring your child:
1. Keep to a routine
Where possible keep to the usual daily routine. Keep bedtimes and waking up times the same as they would be on a usual day. Have set activities through the day to give the day structure.
2. Give your child some control/ownership
Encourage your child to contribute to decisions about their daily routine, which subjects they will learn first, when they want to do them. It’s important that your child also has opportunity to be independent, have time to themselves, to contact family and friends, and to relax.
3. Limit screen time
Agree when and how long children will use screen time for learning, play and socialising, and when they will turn devices off and do another activity – see our list of suggestions here.
4. Take daily exercise
This could be indoor activities such as dancing, playing games such as Simon Says, and tuning in for live stream activity class.
5. Read every day
Reading at home has a significant impact on children’s achievement across all subjects. Ensuring your child reads (or is read to) every day will have a real impact on their progress.
6. Ensure you child’s mental well being is prioritised  
Social distancing brings challenges and it is important that we prioritise mental well being. Try to use this time to bond with your child – be realistic about your expectations and don’t expect your child (or yourself) to work too hard. Children need regular breaks in their learning, and where possible make learning, fun, practical and enjoyable for everyone involved.
7. Ask for help if you need it
Although schools are closed for most children, we are still providing support as are many other Camden services.
You can contact your child’s teacher by commenting in google classroom.
You can contact other members of staff by leaving a message on the school phone number or emailing
If you have any issues where you feel you need extra support, please get in touch and we will aim to help you or let you know who can.
8. Talk to your child about their worries
Ask your child how they are and give them space to talk about their worries.
Please click this link for advice from Camden.
There are a range of organisations offering support and guidance about how to talk to your child about the current situation:
Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families – Supporting young people’s mental health through periods of disruption
British Psychological Society (BPS) Advice to Parents and Carers to support children through school closures
Children’s Guide to Corona Virus – Children’s Commissioner
Child Bereavement Network – Supporting children through the corona virus
Parent’s guide to black lives matter

Advice for supporting children with anxiety, and access to games, activities, and 1:1 counselling: