The School Day

This year the timings for the start and finish times have changed, They are as follows.


Year Start time Finish times
Nursery 8:45am each morning

Mon/Thur 3:20pm – all children

Fri 12:30pm

Reception 3:10pm
Year 1 3:10pm
Year 2/3 and 4 3:15pm
Year 5 and 6 3:15pm


We are aware that our families need time to adapt and so the first part of the Autumn term is seen as a transition phase.

After school clubs will continue at the end of the school day as usual.


Dropping off and collecting your child/children

At the beginning of each day the children in EYFS/ Year 1 are taken to their classroom, while children from year 2 to 6, make their own way to their classroom.

At the end of the day children in EYFS/ year 1 can be collected from their classroom, whiles years 2-6 will be brought down by their teacher.