What your child’s education during the COVID-19 Pandemic will look like?

What your child’s education during the COVID-19 Pandemic will look like?


During the partial closure of the school, our approach to home learning is that children will start with a paper based learning approach and move onto Google classrooms. This will allow us time to ensure each child has access to Google classrooms and is signed on.  Where there are issues with access or connectivity, we will work with families to resolve them and find alternative ways for their children to complete their work. 

Please be aware that this form of learning will not replicate the learning that would normally take place in the classroom. It is not possible to cover the curriculum but we will provide activities that are fun, engaging and enable each child to keep their skills and knowledge as up to date as possible. We acknowledge that the learning and outcomes will be different. 

Each week, the teachers will design work that is a mixture of revision and activities that the children can do independently. Some activities will be short and so completed quickly whilst others may take longer. Where appropriate, the children will be given a date to submit their work. 

Each morning, the teacher will log onto google classrooms and post the work for that day, during the day they will be available to answer questions or comment on work submitted. The children are expected to log on each day and complete the work provided. 

If children are not logging on, the teacher will call to find out why and offer support.

Ensuring that each teacher looks after their own health during this time is also a priority and so have been instructed to take regular breaks from the computer. Therefore there may be times that your child’s question is not answered immediately. Teachers and Learning Support Assistants are also part of the in school rota and on those days their classroom will be checked by another teacher. 

We will not be providing live lessons. 

Some teachers have expressed an interest in arranging a class hangout so that children can see each other, share their art work or poetry with their friends. If this happens, there are clear safeguarding guidelines in place- please visit the home learning tab on the school website to view them. However this practice is optional and not policy.  

As parents and carers, you are not expected to take the place of the teacher. If you have any questions about your child’s work or logging on to google classroom, please contact your child’s teacher, email admin@carlton.camden.sch.uk or leave a message on the school phone. The messages are checked every second day and your message will be passed on to the relevant person.

Whilst learning will be a valuable part of every day, it is important to balance periods of sitting with physical activity, fresh air and time for breaks. This will support your child’s learning as well as the whole families’ wellbeing. 

We are all learning to work in a new way so I hope what we have provided so far for your child meets their needs as much as is possible at this time.  As things change, our approach may also change. If this happens, we will let you know via our website and parent hub. 

In the meantime, stay safe and we hope to see everyone back soon! 

Take care 

Jacquie and all the Carlton staff